Welcome to the web site of the European Association of Sugar Manufacturers (CEFS).
CEFS, in French Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre, has been acting as the voice for all beet sugar manufacturers, cane sugar producers and refiners in the EU and Switzerland since 1953.
CEFS members are national sugar associations and sugar companies. They can be either full, associate or corresponding members.

Over recent years, a debate has arisen over the amount of sugars people should eat and the potential effects sugars may have on health.
With the aim to provide clear information on sugars in line with today’s established scientific evidence, CEFS along with other sector associations produced a brochure entitled “Facts about Sugars” (click here to download the brochure).
Based on this brochure, CEFS, CAOBISCO, Starch Europe and Unesda developed a video aiming at clearly presenting 9 basic facts about sugars.
No sweet talk, just facts!

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